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GGP is passionate about technology and driven by innovation. We dream, we dare and we strive to create an effortless and joyful digital life for everyone

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Parking Management →

We manage parking for subterranean and high-rise garages, as well as commercial, surface lots, airports, hotels, malls, hospitals, universities, shopping complexes, and special event venues. The safety and security of your guests and their vehicles is our primary concern, you can be assured that you will be protected and covered when partnering with GGP.

Trust Your Valet

Valet Services →

We offer your clients the best valet parking experience. Consistently delivers premier service to all of your guests while closely adhering to your brand guidelines and meeting or exceeding expectations you have set for your own associates. The sense of arrival for your guests sets the tone for their stay and is the first and last touch for your property.



We keep traffic flowing by maintaining control of deliveries, eliminating unattended vehicles curbside, enforcing short-term drop-off and pick-up policies, and providing directions to alternative parking. A well-organized parking lot can mean the difference between traffic fluidity and traffic congestion.

revolutionary business

go green Auto Spa

Go Green Auto Spa & Valet is a revolutionary business venture employing a disruptive technology. Our waterless car wash units that use 100% biodegradable cleaning agents and approximately one quart of water per car are located at premier shopping malls where customers can get their cars cleaned and detailed while they carry on other activities of their choice like shopping or anything besides waiting around a car wash.

Go Green Parking

Building Value With Integrated Facilities Solutions

Have you taken a close look at parking operators? They’re not all created equal. Choosing the wrong one can limit your options, inconvenience your parkers, and cause you to miss out on potential revenue.

Parking doesn’t have to be a pain… for you, your customers, visitors, or employees.

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